The Second Trauma is a short documentary produced in collaboration between the Logan Center for Urban Investigative Reporting at Temple University and the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting.

Our mission is to tell investigative stories driven by the community. We are invested in Philadelphia, our city, our neighborhoods, our community. We listen and then report with empathy and compassion. Our team is Temple students, media partners, neighborhood leaders and community members. Together we expose what is not working and what is. We use our platform to find solutions.


The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting (PCGVR) creates direct and genuine connections amongst gun violence prevention scholars, journalists, and impacted communities to mitigate harmful media narratives and advance empathetic, ethical, and impactful gun violence reporting.


In the news: the team behind The Second Trauma

12.06.23: Temple Health trauma surgeon receives federal grant to study media coverage of gun violence [WHYY]

11.28.23: NIH Grant Led by Lewis Katz School of Medicine’s Dr. Jessica Beard Will Examine Racial and Spatial Disparities in Harmful News Media Reporting on Community Firearm Violence [Temple Health]

11.07.23: Children who survive shootings endure huge health obstacles and costs [CNN]

10.29.23: The 150 Most Influential Philadelphians [Philadelphia Magazine via @PCGVR]

10.26.23: TNGV convenes accelerator workshop at Harvard Radcliffe Institute []

10.23.23: When Gun Violence Is in the News: Reporting on Tragedy, Mass Violence, and Police Shootings [John Jay College via YouTube] (PCGVR segment begins at 10:00.)

10.04.23: Announcing Our 2023-2025 Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellows [Stoneleigh Foundation]

09.24.23: Save Our Streets: The Survivors [FOX 29]

09.10.23: Amid gun violence crisis, Philadelphia may be safer than people think [Billy Penn]

09.06.23: Philly gun violence survivor overcomes his trauma, uplifts other victims [NBC10]

08.25.23: Meet the new winners of the Lenfest Next Generation Award [The Lenfest Institute]

08.03.23: How media reporting on firearm violence does more harm than good [It’s All Journalism]

06.19.23: Why Some Mass Shootings — And Their Victims — Go Uncounted [The Good Men Project]

06.13.23: Understanding the ‘public health’ approach is first step in effective reporting on firearm violence [Association of Health Care Journalists]

05.25.23: Curbing Gun Violence With a Public Health Approach [PBS VItals]

05.17.23: Why Some Mass Shootings — And Their Victims — Go Uncounted [Undark]

04.12.23: Evening WURDS: interview with our Director of Research Dr. Jessica Beard [WURD Radio via Facebook] (Segment begins at 30:00.)

04.03.23: Reframing Gun Violence: Wellbeing & Narrative Shift [Full Frame Initiative]

03.15.21: Changing the Narrative on Gun Violence Reporting in Philadelphia [CU Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative]

03.01.23: True Believers [Philadelphia Magazine]

02.28.23: From Sorrow to Solutions – Virtual Convening [New York Amsterdam News]

02.23.23: These Philadelphia Researchers Want Journalists to Tell Better Stories About Gun Violence [The Trace]

01.29.23: Changing the Way Media Reports on Gun Violence [Consider This on NPR] (Segment begins at 4:05.)

01.17.23: A new gun violence narrative [The Philadelphia Citizen]

01.10.23: ‘Like I’m a nobody’: Breaking news coverage of shootings is dehumanizing and delays progress, per new Temple study [Billy Penn]

01.09.23: Evening WURDS: interview with our Director of Research Dr. Jessica Beard [WURD Radio via Facebook] (Segment begins at 27:45.)

01.05.23: Save Our Streets: A Year of Hope [FOX 29] (Segment begins at 16:14.)

12.15.22: Credible Messenger Reporting Project uses art to shed light on gun violence in Philadelphia [FOX 29]

12.11.22: Addressing Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Epidemic [The Stoneleigh Foundation via YouTube]

12.07.22: Understanding American Gun Violence Part 2: How to solve the American gun epidemic [Temple Now]

12.07.22: Understanding American Gun Violence Part 1: The evolution of America’s relationship with firearms [Temple Now]

11.30.22: Gun Violence Reporting with Dr. Jessica Beard [Trauma Code]

11.28.22: Can journalism that centers community help stop shootings? PCGVR is betting on it [Billy Penn]

11.09.22: More meaningful coverage of firearm violence requires ‘radical empathy [Association of Health Care Journalists]

11.09.22: BAND-AID on a Bullet Wound [SoundCloud]

10.31.22: Fall summit speaker Jessica Beard targets more empathetic, ethical coverage of gun violence [Association of Health Care Journalists]

10.17.22: Changing the Way We Talk About Gun Violence [Temple University Faculty Herald]

10.05.22: How local news can help heal Philly’s gun violence crisis without harming communities [Billy Penn]

08.17.22: I was shot in the head as a child. It took 20 years, and other survivors, to heal [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

07.02.22: Why it’s time to rethink the ‘last place you’d expect a shooting’ narrative [All Things Considered]

06.15.22: STRONGER EVERY DAY [The Philadelphia Citizen]

06.06.22: At least 13 killed, dozens wounded in weekend mass shootings across U.S.: “Horrendous and unthinkable” [CBS Evening News]

06.04.22: Jim MacMillan Discusses Gun Violence Reporting [The Healthcare Policy Podcast]

05.26.22: ‘Love them, lead them’: Advocates say parents play a major role in stopping youth gun violence [WHYY]

04.18.22: Philadelphia’s ‘Devastating’ Surge in Gun Violence [The Trace]

04.19.22: Frequency of mass shootings in Philadelphia increased after start of COVID-19 pandemic [Philly Voice]

02.24.22: Humanity behind the headlines: Black men on surviving in Philly [WHYY]

01.19.22: Preventing Gun Violence Through Better Reporting [Philadelphia Ethical Society]

04.14.22: How The Trace Changed Reporting on Guns in America [Arnold Ventures]

04.13.22: Fewer police stats, more community engagement sought at Philly gun violence briefings [WHYY]

04.02.22: Stop doing ‘breaking news’ for more accurate gun violence coverage, panel says [Billy Penn]

12.08.21: Inquirer LIVE Health Report: Gun violence is soaring in Philadelphia [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

09.21.21: Flashpoint: Community relations and trust in media [KYW Newsradio]

09.08.21: Temple trauma surgeon earns fellowship aimed at curbing gun violence [Temple Now]

08.26.21: New Media Partnership [The Student Vanguard]

08.17.21: ‘Some of these killings are for the dumbest reasons’: What’s driving Philly’s bloody summer? [Pennsylvania Capital-Star]

07.29.21: Gun violence and community trauma in the Covid-19 pandemic [WHYY]

07.28.21: Dr. Jessica H. Beard – Trauma Surgeon, Changing the Narrative on Gun Violence [Narratives of North Broad Podcast]

07.26.21: Addressing Philadelphia’s gun violence crisis [Al Día News]


07.13.21: Gun Violence: A Public Health Crisis in Phila. – Jul 15 [PHENND]

06.03.21: Power moves: New appointments at Equal Measure, PCGVR, Reinvestment Fund, Inspira Health and Bestwork [Generocity]

06.02.21: Dr. Jessica H. Beard Named Stoneleigh Fellow and Philadelphia Center For Gun Violence Reporting‘s Director Of Research [The Stoneleigh Foundation]

06.02.21: Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, The Healthcare Aftermath, and Who Pays? [Love Now Media]

04.15.21: A Mass Shooting? Depends on the Source [Inside Sources]

04.06.21: Gun Violence News Summit [Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma]

03.30.21: 17 shot during weekend violence in Philadelphia; gun violence prevention organization works for change [6ABC]

03.28.21: Flashpoint: Responding to gun violence – more police and transparency [KYW Newsradio]

03.24.21: US saw estimated 4,000 extra murders in 2020 amid surge in daily gun violence [The Guardian]

03.18.21: Mayor Kenney’s new gun briefings must be more than police press conferences | Opinion [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

02.12.21: New Study Suggests Connection Between COVID-19 Shutdowns and Gun Violence in Philadelphia [Temple Update]

02.12.21: COVID-19 Containment Measures Linked to Increase in Firearm Violence [Columbia Public Health]

02.11.21: Temple study finds link between Philadelphia’s COVID lockdowns, rising gun violence [6ABC]

02.11.21: Where Shootings Doubled Post-Lockdown [The Trace]

02.11.21: ‘This is unprecedented’: Study finds link between COVID lockdowns and shootings in Philly [WHYY]

02.08.21: ‘Living in a warzone’: Philadelphians petition mayor to address resolution on gun violence [The Daily Pennsylvanian]

12.07.20: Reporting on gun violence needs the help of credible messengers, says PCGVR’s Jim MacMillan [Generocity]

10.28.20: When Does Murder Make The News? It Depends On The Victim’s Race [The Marshall Project]

10.28.20: What data can and can’t tell us about shooting deaths in Philadelphia [Technically Philly]

09.01.20: Can Community Journalists Disrupt Gun Violence in Philadelphia? [Nonprofit Quarterly]

08.24.20: Member Spotlight: Initiative for Better Gun Violence Reporting [CultureWorks]

08.04.20: Creating a new Center for Gun Violence Reporting in Philadelphia [PCGVR]

01.20.20: Leadership Profile of Jim MacMillan [Social Innovations Journal]

12.03.19: Former Temple administrator creates tool to track gun violence [The Temple News]

11.22.19: What Journalists Can Do To Report More Effectively — and Compassionately — on Gun Violence [Nieman Reports]

11.20.19: A mom complains about gun violence stories. Philly journalists respond with resources [Reynolds Journalism Institute]

11.20.19: Temple doctor working to change how mass shootings are perceived in urban areas [KYW Newsradio]

11.12.19: Bias, Sensationalism Distort Media Coverage of Gun Violence, Conference Told [The Crime Report]

10.28.20: What data can and can’t tell us about shooting deaths in Philadelphia [Technically Philly]

10.20.20: Study: Media’s Reporting on Gun Violence Does Not Reflect Reality [Penn Medicine News]

10.04.20: Making the news: Victim characteristics associated with media reporting on firearm injury [National Library of Medicine]

10.20.19: Can reporters prevent gun violence? This Philadelphia journalist wants to find out [Pennsylvania Capital-Star]

09.07.19: Why is gun violence in Philly ‘exploding’ when solutions exist? [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

07.22.19: Recap: Community Discussion on Media Coverage of Gun Violence in Germantown [Medium]

07.15.19: Germantown Solutions: Jim MacMillan on Gun Violence Coverage [Germantown Info Hub]

04.23.19: Trauma doctors treat mass gun violence in Philly [The Temple News]

04.15.19: Hospitals see Phila. version of violence [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

04.15.19: Gun violence in Philly: ‘An everyday mass shooting,’ Temple study finds [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

04.10.19: Philly sees the equivalent of a mass shooting every 3 months [Billy Penn]

04.02.19: This journalist will spend a year creating guidelines for America’s gun violence reporting [Billy Penn]

08.03.18: To understand Philly’s gun violence crisis, in-depth reporting is needed | Opinion [The Philadelphia Inquirer]